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Good food strengthens the immune system, lifts the mood. Bad food is harmful. Chemical additives, for example.


Enjoying food is fun and even promotes intelligence and social behavior. Fast food interferes with your child's development.


Many among us want animals to live a good life. It's also possible to do without animal products. But how beneficial is vegan food when it’s full of additives?

A guide to a better life

What to eat? The NOVA system: An innovative manual, guiding the consumer through the food labyrinth of the supermarket. This is not about calories, sugar, or fat content, but about the degree of industrial processing, i.e. the distance of a product from its natural form. The NOVA classification system has four levels, the "ultra-processed" products being particularly problematic, from industrial breakfast cereals and frozen pizza to soft drinks and ready-to-eat foods of all kinds. Some use it as a guide for grocery shopping. If weight loss is an objective – its success shows up on the scale.

The NOVA-Food-Guide

The NOVA-Food-Guide

Source: NOVA Research Group / Dietary Guidelines of the Brazilian Ministry of Health

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