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Good food strengthens the immune system, lifts the mood. Bad food is harmful. Chemical additives, for example.


Enjoying food is fun and even promotes intelligence and social behavior. Fast food interferes with your child's development.


Many among us want animals to live a good life. It's also possible to do without animal products. But how beneficial is vegan food when it’s full of additives?

Hidden sugar

Less sugar would be a good idea. But apparently it is not so important to save the spoonful in the cappuccino: Germans use only 15.2 percent of sugar directly, as "household sugar". They swallow much more, for example, in cola, Fanta and other soft drinks (17.9 percent), in sweets (17.9 percent), in supermarket products such as ready meals, packet soups, snacks ("other": 17 percent). If you avoid such things, you no longer have a problem with sugar - and can treat yourself to an ice cream, bake a cake at home, and continue to put a spoonful in your cappuccino.

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