A new look at nutrition

The story about strawberry aroma made from sawdust shows how fundamentally our food system has changed. And that a detective eye is often necessary to recognize what is behind the beautiful glow of advertising - and what it means for our health.


Because in the 21st century, the question of healthy eating is not primarily about issues such as calories, nutrients and pollutants, spoiled food, or contamination with pathogens.


These days it is also about chemistry in food, about fully legal deception of the senses. The food system has moved far away from nature.


More and more physicians and scientists around the world are concerned about the serious consequences of these changes carry for health, especially in children, and, not to forget, in animals. For them, a new aspect is now in the foreground: the degree of industrial processing.


A powerful industry has been pushed between humans and nature. And, of course, corporations also influence public opinion, the media, science, politics, and institutions. They influence the rules of nutrition, our ideas about what is good and what is not.


DR. WATSON is well informed, and sheds light on the consequences for health and well-being as well as on what goes on behind the scenes.

DR. WATSON: The Food Investigator

How does DR. WATSON work?

The methods of the food detective: How Dr. WATSON investigates fake food and its consequences, unmasks the makers of fake food their accomplices.

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DR. WATSON's Principles

DR. WATSON does not warn, DR. WATSON does not advise. Dr. WATSON clarifies, independently and incorruptibly, and always on the basis of facts.

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