DR. WATSON's principles


DR. WATSON does not warn. DR. WATSON does not advise. DR. WATSON informs about possible risks and hitherto unknown facts, without pointing fingers, in a sober style, well-founded and understandable.


DR. WATSON is on the side of the consumer, of health, of enjoyment.


DR. WATSON is also interested in the background, political and economic contexts. DR. WATSON has the whole picture in mind - and the impact on personal well-being.


DR. WATSON also informs about good taste, about valuable food and fresh insights.


DR. WATSON is the information pool on nutrition, enjoyment and health.


DR. WATSON is independent of manufacturers, authorities and associations.


DR. WATSON's information is based on its own research. Scientific studies were evaluated and also own analyses were commissioned.


DR. WATSON's judgment is differentiated. For example, in the DR. WATSON additive database. If a substance is suspected of causing damage to health, DR. WATSON provides information on the type and extent of the possible risks - and the group of people affected, such as allergy sufferers.


DR. WATSON also says, of course, if the risk is low and the group of people affected is small.


And: DR. WATSON of course also spreads good news. The basis for the assessment is solely the facts, especially the medical data. This is also guaranteed by DR. WATSON's scientific advisors.

DR. WATSON: The Food Investigator

How does DR. WATSON work?

The methods of the food detective: How Dr. WATSON investigates fake food and its consequences, unmasks the makers of fake food their accomplices.

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