DR. WATSON clarifies

A new look at nutrition

It all started with the strawberry flavour from sawdust, that conversation with an employee from the flavour industry who freely, almost proudly, admitted that his company extracts the strawberry flavour from wood, more precisely: from Australian sawdust.

It was a first, detective-like glimpse into the new parallel world of industrial food, which doctors and researchers all over the world are now also dealing with. For it is a matter of life and health, of our environment, indeed of the entire planet. DR. WATSON clarifies.

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DR. WATSON: The Food Investigator

How does DR. WATSON work?

The methods of the food detective: How Dr. WATSON investigates fake food and its consequences, unmasks the makers of fake food their accomplices.

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DR. WATSON's Principles

DR. WATSON does not warn, DR. WATSON does not advise. Dr. WATSON clarifies, independently and incorruptibly, and always on the basis of facts.

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It started with the DR. WATSON database of additives. A tour de force with a lasting effect. DR. WATSON is regarded as an authoritative centre of competence when it comes to the chemistry in food.

A team product to which bestselling author Dr. Hans-Ulrich Grimm contributed his years of research experience in the world of industrial food, science journalist Bernhard Ubbenhorst his medical background knowledge, and ecotrophologist Maike Ehrlichmann her expertise in nutritional science. Supplemented right from the start by the expertise of proven specialist scientists. And supported early on by journalist Christina Stefanou.