Chemistry in food

The DR. WATSON database

They are in soft drink, in chips, in gummy bears: In modern supermarket products they are omnipresent, the chemical additives. They are officially considered harmless - but only up to a certain amount. And this amount is often exceeded in many people, including children. How risky are they really, these artificial ingredients? Authorities don’t give an absolute health guarantee. Everyone has to know for themselves what they what they want to expose themselves to. With the DR. WATSON database you can learn everything about chemical additives in food – what they are, whether it it might affect you, and which diseases they increase the risk of.

What are you looking for?

You can enter the names of the additives, the E number (INS number), or you can choose a substance from the list of all approved additives. Or you can look for diseases where additives play a role and increase the risk.